Looking for answers

Hi, and thanks for reading my blog.

If you’re someone affected by cancer and you’re looking for answers I hope that you get some helpful information from what I write, but please don’t think for one minute that I’m an expert. I’m not. I’m still looking for answers, too.

I’ve got prostate cancer. Even if you have the same sort of cancer as me, or someone you know does, your situation is likely to be different from mine – I’ve spoken to lots of men affected by this disease and no two of us are the same.

The same thing applies to treatments and side effects. What’s happened to me might not happen to you. We’re all different and our side effects are, too, so if you’re trying to decide what to do for the best please read as much other information as you can to help you make an informed choice in addition to reading my blog.

Please also look at The cancer stuff – my very brief history  


2 thoughts on “Looking for answers

  1. Hi J, read most of your blog will read the rest during the week. A very hard road to travel but hopefully getting better for you. Hope to catch up again and thank you for your advice and support at the MV get together. No decision taken as yet have additional consultations with two surgeons tomorrow. Wishing you and your partner a Merry Christmas and here’s to all of us for 2016 Regards R and S


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