Twenty weeks post-Chemo 

I saw my oncologist today and at the risk of tempting fate I’m pleased to report I’m doing fine. My latest PSA result has shown a small but welcome drop, taking me to yet another record low. Three months ago it was 0.049, today it’s 0.044. The 5 months of chemo that I finished back in November hit me hard but, as the drop in my PSA shows, it hit the cancer even harder although not enough to deliver it a death blow, meaning the bugger will be back eventually.

I have a few lingering chemo side effects which, although not major, are uncomfortable and annoying. There are a couple of intimate ones that involve fluid and swelling and make me look very well endowed on occasions (even more than usual!). I also have blocked eye ducts that stop my eyes from draining so, instead, they water a lot but despite watering they still feel like there are lumps of coal in them. Going to the gym has helped me regain a lot of my strength and stamina, but I still get drained very easily and it takes a few days to recover from a night out.

On the plus side the fluid retention that had puffed up my face and the rest of my body has now mostly gone. I didn’t realise quite how much chemo had changed my appearance until my partner and my Macmillan nurse mentioned it just a couple of weeks ago. It turns out they both hadn’t recognised me on some occasions but didn’t like to say at the time. 

So, for now, I just carry on taking the tablets and getting on with life. My next blood test is in 3 months.


4 thoughts on “Twenty weeks post-Chemo 

  1. Hi Jim, thank you for sharing. I believe I may be soon to commence my chemo stage of the journey. Not long ago I was planning to refuse chemo and just get it over with. However, a new/old love in my life makes me want to hang around as long as I can. Your story gives me hope that the chemo track is worth travelling. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Les

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  2. Hi Henry. Had a sedate night out last Thursday and didn’t recover till late Sunday. It wasn’t that many years ago that I’d go out on a Thursday and not come home till Sunday and still be OK for work on the Monday.


  3. Fab, Jim. You were right to push for the chemo. I didn’t know you do ‘nights out’! Glad to hear we didn’t show you how different you looked on chemo. X

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