Crackpot cures

I did something I said I’d never do. I bought “alternative meds” on the Internet, some capsules called Pomi-T. For legal reasons they are described as a food supplement and contain four ingredients in concentrated form that are supposed to help with prostate cancer – turmeric, pomegranate, broccoli and green tea.

After my last hospital appointment I congratulated myself on my healthy lifestyle. It was because I was asked if I was “doing the peripheries like diet and exercise” and was able to honestly reply that I was and had done for years, on the diet side anyway, and the exercise side has vastly improved in the last couple of years. 

It took a week before something clicked and the seed my doctor had planted turned into the thought that I could do more. The first thing I did was to buy a juicer, closely followed by the capsules, mentioned above.  

That was 6 weeks ago and since then I’ve taken 2 capsules a day and drunk an array of (hopefully) healthy concoctions of assorted flavours, colours and consistencies, some better than others. 

My diet is pretty good, that wasn’t a lie to keep the doctor happy, but the reason for the juicer is not so much to drink juice but to try to get the same four things into my body in another more palatable way. As well as the capsules I’m adding turmeric and pomegranate to the juices. I tried broccoli but it took a lot of the raw veg to make a tiny drop of juice. As for the green tea, I make that with tea bags.

I have no idea if these things will do any good but, at this stage, with chemo and additional hormone therapies a possibility I feel like I’m doing something positive that might help.

Today, by coincidence, I was sent a link to a page on the Cancer Research UK site called “Food Controversies“. If my expectations had been high this page would have brought me straight down to earth. My partner calls what I’m trying a crackpot cure but I’m not kidding myself about that as I don’t expect to be cured, just that the capsules and the juices might help slow the cancer down. If they don’t they’re not doing me any harm (I checked with my oncologist) so why not give them a try? 


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