Stomach churning moments

If this wasn’t a respectable blog I’d be swearing now. Lots. I really need to. As loudly as possible. But wouldn’t you know it, there’s a guy here changing parts on the boiler and I don’t want to scare him off coz it’s going to be cold tonight, so the screaming will have to wait until the boiler is back in working order.

My bloody PSA has gone up. In the great scheme of things, not a lot, but it’s still the wrong direction. Ten months ago, after three months of hormone therapy, it had reduced from 2.4 to 0.227. Six months ago it went down a little bit further to 0.222. Now it’s up to 0.510. Before anyone says that’s incredibly low, I haven’t got a prostate anymore so it really ought to be zero.

For now we, both me and my partner, are more than a bit shocked. Knocked for six would be a fair description, him more so because he’s always convinced things will be OK. He’s looking for information on the Internet, anything that will give us some insight, not just into what’s going on inside me but also what is likely to be done about it. We’re avoiding the sites that recommend snake oil as a cure for everything from cancer to warts, although we might come back to them.

I see my oncologist next week. Maybe she’ll tell me that it’s just a blip, nothing to get worried about. Until then the stomach churning goes on. With a vengeance. Bugger it.


One thought on “Stomach churning moments

  1. Sorry to hear that… Stomach churning indeed!
    Waiting is really frustrating, so it is good you’ll get to see the oncologist next week.
    Hoping it goes well and it’s all under control. Keep us posted…


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