The joys of cancer (continued)

This is going to be a very short blog post.  I know it’s General Election Day and people have got other things to do, like vote and hope the mob they like best gets in and that reading a blog post isn’t their first priority, but for me today was also Renew Your Annual Travel Insurance Day and I feel like I’ve just been mugged.

We’re grabbing a week in Spain before the next lot of radiotherapy starts so we really need insurance. We haven’t had a proper break since September 2013 and, strictly speaking, that was not a break unless you count collapsing in a restaurant on the second night and then spending 12 days in a Spanish hospital as a holiday (I don’t). 

We already pay £10 a month for a packaged bank account that includes travel insurance. I just went through the insurance company’s medical screening and ended up being charged an extra £168 for the coming year. For chrissake! 

The moral: don’t get cancer if you want to be able to afford to go on holiday.

I reckon that if Macmillan Cancer Support’s estimates are right, and by 2020 one in every two people in the UK will get cancer in their lifetime, that the insurance companies are on to a nice little earner. And we’re all in for a massive rip-off. 


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