NHS Excellence – watch out, there’s a fat cat about

Timing is everything and when you’re trying to cut down on the time and distance of your daily commute (in my case to and from where I’m having my radiotherapy), it’s important to get it right. So changing to a centre 10 miles and 20 minutes closer is a good idea. At least, it is in theory!

What we didn’t bargain for were the toffs attending the annual Royal Ascot Race Meeting in their Bentleys and Rolls Royces clogging up our carefully planned route that went right by the race course.

Fortunately, every cloud has a silver lining. The racing forced us to find another way and this has turned out to be a picturesque route through stereotypical English country lanes that we’ve now decided to stick with even after the races have finished because it’s so pretty and, amazingly for any roads in the south-east of England, uncrowded and relaxing.

As for the new place in Bracknell where I’ve been going to since Session 9, well, it’s hard to say. What I mean is, I’m looking for the right adjective to do the place and the people working there justice and I’m not sure one will do. It’s swish, modern, clean, well equipped, full of highly skilled, people-friendly, caring staff and does loads of other things apart from radiotherapy (and the parking’s easy, too). There’s the local Urgent Care Centre, renal dialysis, radiology, counselling and other specialities all under one roof. It’s not a hospital or a GP’s surgery, but something in between. It’s yet another fine example of excellence that I’ve encountered as I continue on my journey through our NHS. Of course, the danger with such excellence in today’s climate is that it’d be just the sort of place the mob in Whitehall would flog to one of their mates at a knock down price being, as it is, “ready to go” to earn them a nice little profit for no effort and very handy to get to Eton to pick the kids up, too, and so convenient for Ascot Races. In no time at all the fat cats would have us paying for what we’ve already paid for.

That’s if we let them – General Election due 7th May 2015!


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