Radiotherapy Sessions – 8 down, 24 to go

I’m now about to start the third week of radiotherapy. The first week was “just” a three day starter from Wednesday to Friday but last week was a full one, a session every weekday with the weekend off. We both had to force ourselves to try to make something of the weekend that’s just gone because we were both tired, and ratty with it. It’s only me having the treatment but we’re both doing the journey every day and it takes it out of us both. The weekend has been very quiet and we’ve not done much (although we thought about it).

The end of Week 2 was also the end of my time at the radiotherapy centre at Reading. From today I transfer to Bracknell. It’s strange to say it but I was sorry to leave. I liked the place and I liked the people who work there. I’m only changing because Bracknell is closer. If you’ve got to have treatment for cancer I’d say the place in Reading would be a good one to have it. If I ever have to have more I wouldn’t worry about returning (if I couldn’t get anywhere closer).

I think the promised fatigue has kicked in for sure now. I’ve sometimes found myself speaking in a kind of slow motion voice, usually in the late afternoon or early evening, but could do nothing about it except drop off to sleep, and I’ve done that, too.

Apart from the onset of the fatigue the other increased side effects I’ve noticed so far are my peeing habits. The surgery had already made a difference but I was warned the radiotherapy could impact further. You hope it won’t happen, and for a lot of men it doesn’t, but now, it seems, I’m now back to peeing all night long and have the occasional nocturnal struggle to go in spite of feeling like I need to. There’s also the return of the urgency and the frequency during the day. Fingers crossed I don’t pee myself. Perhaps I ought to cross my legs instead of my fingers.

It’s not because I’m bashful that I’m not mentioning the sexual side effects. I would go into more detail here if they were something new but that ship sailed six months ago after the surgery. There’s always a chance the ship will sail back again but there’s more of a chance it won’t. It’s a bit like when I gave up smoking over 35 years ago, I’ll just have to try to find something else to do with my hands.

Things could be worse.


4 thoughts on “Radiotherapy Sessions – 8 down, 24 to go

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  2. J’admire ton courage et ton honnêteté ainsi que ton sens de l’humour face à difficulté
    Comme toujous, mes meilleurs vœux


    • P, merci pour tes paroles gentilles. Je ne sais pas si je suis courageux (j’ai rencontré des autres hommes avec le cancer de la prostate beaucoup plus avancé que le mien qui je dirais sont courageux) mais j’essaie à être honnête quand je raconte ce qui m’arrive. Quant à l’humour, j’ai vraiment été amusé par des choses qui se sont passées et il y a tant de choses qui peuvent toujours se faire rire même quand elles sont au milieu d’une situation de merde!

      P, thanks for your kind words. I don’t know if I’m brave (I’ve met other men with much more advanced prostate cancer than mine who I would say are brave) but I try to be honest when I tell what’s happening to me. As for the humour, I’ve really been amused by things that have happened and there are such a lot of things that can make you laugh even in the middle of a crap situation!


  3. I am sure that everyone reading this will be touched by your candour. It’s why we need support groups. You are not alone.


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